Contact Tracing COVID-19 an Investigators Perspective

Contact Tracing COVID-19 an Investigators Perspective

Do we need to be tracing contact made by people that have tested positive for COVID-19?  Is it even possible?  If we can contain and quarantine the people that have been exposed, we can shut this thing down.  Contact Tracing COVID19

So, how do you go about tracing contact that people that are positive for COVID-19 have had?  Is it an app?  Is it an interview? Is it a simple form?  What are the parameters?  Is it an invasion of privacy?

In Massachusetts contact tracing is underway and they are focused on contact made with people for more than 15 minutes inside of six (6) feet. Here is what they are finding.

As an investigator here are some strategies that come to mind.  First you need to figure out where you were, who you interacted with, and when.  Here are a couple of ideas to jog your memory.


Financial – tracing
Review a list of all transactions made with credit cards and debit cards where in-person contact was made.  A few examples would be; restaurants, dry cleaning, grocery stores, pet supply stores, ice cream shop, coffee shop, etc.

Check all WIFI “check-ins” and networks you have connected to on your phone.

Vehicle Sighting Reports
If you have a vehicle sighting report run on the vehicle(s) that your= drive it will also remind you of where you traveled to and when.

Maps App
Review your maps app on your phone and see what types of things you have searched for and where you have received directions to (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze)


Once a list of potential contacts has been developed that could have been exposed has been made then the process of locating, identifying, and contacting them begins.  This could involve developing a physical address, email address, social media profile, and cell phone number.  These are all tasks that a private investigator with experience in skip-tracing and locate investigations can handle.

Apple iPhone users and Android users can download an app that allows contact tracing through an opt-in feature, but this will only help the government how many cases are out there.  Click here to read the Forbes article on how the opt-in app works.


If you want to know what the CDC is saying about contact tracing here is a link to get more information CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has to say about contact tracing CLICK here.