4 Ways a Private Investigator Can Support Your Business

Avoid Unwanted Hiring Surprises

The success of your business depends on the strength of your people.  When making staffing decisions, a pre-employment background check can provide you with the truth about the candidate.  Criminal convictions and resumes that are inaccurate or exaggerated top the list of items uncovered in the employment background screening process.

Extra Diligence for Key Roles

For key or sensitive roles, you may want to request a full background investigation showing a candidate’s background in more detail.  Consider developing a complete footprint showing the locations where the applicant has resided so that you know where to look.  Be sure to search civil, criminal & federal court cases, obtain a credit report, verify education, credentials & employment,  screen for drug & substance abuse, check national sex offender registries, look for bankruptcies & judgments and always run a driving record.

Reduce Abuse of Employee Paid Time Off

Most companies outline generous and fair policies for employe paid time of (PTO), which make a substantial positive contribution to employee satisfaction and retention.  Unfortunately, PTO is often abused by employees who use the time for purposes not intended and often take time away from the workplace without adequate notice.

Employees who call in sick or have other unplanned absences cost your business money- both in direct terms of lost productivity, but also by decreased employee satisfaction by colleagues who have to “pick up the slack”from the PTO abuser.  While most businesses do monitor employee use of PTO, evidence of abuse is often plainly circumstantial: disproportionate unplanned PTO on Mondays and Fridays, for example.

Evidence of Employee PTO Abuse

When your business suspects an employee of abusing PTO, our  investigators can help validate or disprove your suspicions.  Through a variety of discreet investigative techniques, we can determine whether an employee is abusing your policies.  This may include database & desktop research to uncover their “digital tracks” on social media sites, discreet phone calls and even field surveillance to obtain tangible video evidence of their activities and behaviors.

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