Intellectual Property Investigations

Creation | Clearance | Monitoring | Protection | Enforcement

Our IP Investigative consultants work with you throughout the life-cycle of your Intellectual Property to uncover and verify information needed to make crucial decisions that can have long lasting effects.

CREATING and PROTECTING brand assets can play a huge role in the growth and recognition of a company as well it’s products and services. Throughout the process you will likely encounter obstacles to registration. These obstacles can be overcome with a proper and thorough investigation or anonymous acquisition. Here are a few examples:
  • There is evidence of common law usage of a mark that will block you from obtaining a federal trademark registration with the USPTO
  • The domain you need to launch your new product or service is already registered
  • You find evidence of a product being sold online that resembles your product or even bears your brand name that is not yours
  • The inventors listed on the patent application are no longer with your company and need to be located.


Determine usage of trademarks in commerce to support your clearance, infringement and enforcement needs.


Anonymous acquisitions of the domain names and other Intellectual Property you need to grow and protect your brand.


Detect, identify and support enforcement of infringers. Undercover Buys & Test Purchase programs to provide valuable evidence.