Insurance Claims Investigations: Don’t Pay Out If You Don’t Have To

Insurance Claims Investigations: Don’t Pay Out If You Don’t Have ToInsurance Claims Investigations: Don't Pay Out If You Don't Have To

Insurance is nothing more than betting against your own bad luck. Because you know you’ll get sick eventually, you get health insurance. If you drive all the time, sooner or later someone will hit you, so you get car insurance. Insurance companies are more like the casino taking people’s bets, because they know that even if they have to pay out sometimes, the sheer number of bets they’re going to win on means they still turn a profit.

And just like with gambling, insurance companies need to make sure they only pay when someone has a legitimate claim.

Insurance Claims Investigations

When an insurance company receives a claim it is that company’s responsibility to verify that the events happened how the client says they happened. For example, if someone claims that he injured his shoulder in a car accident then it would fall to an auto insurance company to help cover those hospital bills. If it turns out that the driver injured his shoulder at work or at home, and then got into a minor fender-bender that could not have caused or worsened the injury, though, then the insurance company will be paying a big bill that it isn’t technically responsible for.

That’s where a trained and experienced investigation firm should be engaged. A firm experienced in investigating insurance claims can make sure that when an insurance company writes a check that it’s for a legitimate “winning” on the part of a client. A professional investigation firm gathers all of the facts in a case before the bills come due. While there will be legitimate claims, it’s important to make sure you have someone keeping an eye on the floor so the cheaters don’t walk out with winnings they shouldn’t have.