If you are a legal assistant, paralegal, brand owner, brand protector or attorney you need to stay up to date on the latest and greatest tools that will allow you to do some digging without leaving a trace.  If you are looking for the best browser to surf the web anonymously look no further than Tor.

The Tor browser is an open source browser that is completely free.  It will run on all your popular devices that run on Windows, Apple, Linux / Unix and Android.

What are some practical uses for this anonymous browser you might ask?  When we are making undercover purchases from subject’s online this service allows us to mask who we are and where we are.  This is important if you truly want to remain anonymous.  If you are just searching for information and products on a subject’s website keep in mind that many companies are tracking IP addresses of website viewers can reverse your IP address back to your company or law firm.  If you work for the government or law enforcement you certainly don’t want your IP address left behind on the website of a potential target or key witness.  If you are whistleblower and want to truly be anonymous you can utilize the Tor browser to further insulate yourself.

Keep in mind that your search results with many popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will likely be effected when using the Tor browser.  We encourage you to conduct identical searches (“Electronics Store”) in both Tor and a traditional search engine to see the difference.

Our team of investigators utilizes the Tor browser for a variety of investigative tasks.  In speaking with our team they point out the fact it is a free resource, but it can take a bit longer for pages to load.

We would enjoy to hear your comments on this browser or any other browser you find useful for surfing the web anonymously.  Contact us today or leave your comments below.