Claimant Background Profiles (10-Point Investigation Plan)

It is often times difficult to accurately assess whether that candidate or claimant is being truthful with their employment background or insurance claim.  When facts are needed to support hiring, or lack of hiring decision as well as prove or disprove whether a claimant is truthfully disclosing their accident or alleged injury.

Either way, an error in judgment and a bad decision based on incomplete information can cost you and your company. (lost revenue, lawsuits and fines)

We dig into the information so you don’t have to and you can feel secure with making a better, informed decision. Here’s what is included in our 10-Point Investigation Plan


  1. Prior Claims
  2. Driving Record
  3. Professional Networking Sites (LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Plaxo, Craigslist)
  4. Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, Pinterest)
  5. Business Filings (Corporations / Fictitious Business Names / DBAs)
  6. Business Phone Listings
  7. Website Ownership
  8. Professional Licenses
  9. Civil and Criminal Case Search
  10. Bankruptcy & Judgments

We can help you locate, verify and preserve information that can be altered or destroyed by an employee or claimant.  Often times we are asked to preserve social media profiles before claimants delete them after they meet with their attorney or have their deposition taken.

This product is offered on a national basis and is a great snapshot at the onset of litigation, when suspicions of fraudulent claims arise and prior to surveillance / subrosa investigations.

Get the Whole Picture of Every Claimant with Background Profiles–Exclusively from Santoni Investigations.