Competitive Intelligence

In today’s competitive business environment knowing your competitors at a deep level can provide you with a necessary advantage. Competitive Intelligence can involve a variety of investigative tasks to uncover the information you need to modify, change or update your business process or product/service offerings.
  • Product Samples / Undercover Buys
  • Surveillance
  • Litigation Research
  • Intellectual Property Research
  • Mystery Shop
  • Discreet Inspections

Information that can be uncovered during a competitive intelligence investigation will often include; sales/revenue, identification of key executives, litigation history, assets, liabilities, associated businesses, credit profile, bad press, regulatory issues and undisclosed relationships.

Competitive intelligence gathering can also be centered around understanding how your competitors operate. You can obtain information on number and types of shipments inbound, number of employees working per shift, shift times/shift changes products shipped outbound and methods of shipment (truck, train, air freight). This type of information can be shared with multiple departments in your company to help enhance your overall operation.