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How can attorneys use Private Investigators to attract and retain more clients?

What Can Law Firms Do to Attract and Retain More Clients?

The legal landscape is changing.  Attorneys and law firms will have to change their way of thinking to attract and retain clients as online services such as LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, Trademarkia and other legal services companies are actively marketing to and competing with traditional law firms.  Additionally, corporations are closely monitoring their legal spend by […]

Tim Santoni - President/CEO of Santoni Investigations

Trends 2019 – From Tim Santoni

Trends 2019 – From Tim Santoni In our business we work with businesses and their trusted advisors (Lawyers, CPA’s, Commercial Insurance Brokers, Business Brokers, Human Resources Consultants, Brand Managers, Marketing Teams & Consultants).  Our investigation and background checks are really just a tool to help mitigate risk in the hiring process or develop evidence and […]

Tim Santoni of Santoni Investigations

Does Your Intellectual Property Investigator Need to Know Trademark Law?

In a Trademark Law case it is critical that attorneys uncover and present relevant and actionable evidence and information. Does the investigator that you and your firm works with need to understand Trademark Law? Do they need to understand the standards of evidence? Do they need to know about attorney work product privilege? The answer […]

Tim Santoni

“Process Server Daily” Podcast

      Tim Santoni recently spoke with Michael Reid on his podcast “Process Server Daily” about life as a Private Investigator and President/CEO of Santoni Investigations.  Michael and Tim discussed many topics including IP/Brand Protection , Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations, Surveillance and Risk Mitigation  . Also covered were the many ins and outs of both the Private Investigation and […]

Brand Protection / Anti-Counterfeiting

Brand Protection / Anti-Counterfeiting

Creation, monitoring and protection of Brand Assets (Intellectual Property) is something that is often overlooked until brand protection becomes an issue. The issues often appear when counterfeits show up online on popular eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and others. Clients and customers request warranty work or exchanges of non-genuine goods. Even worse when distributors […]

Domain Tools by Mike Santoni

Domain Tools – by Mike Santoni

I find that Domain Tools is a good resource to determine the registration information about a domain name (otherwise known as “Whois”).  The registration will supply information about the name of the registrant, their address, phone number and email address. It also lets you know who the registrar is for the domain name. If the […]