The clearance process involves searching for and investigating any potential companies, trademarks, domain names and products that could block you from registering your trademark. A comprehensive investigation will give you the information you need to make a decision on whether or not to alter your trademark or brand name.


If the Intellectual Property asset (Trademark, Domain Name, Patent or Copyright) is already registered or in use this can be a big obstacle to overcome. Anonymous acquisitions of Intellectual Property can save you time and money as you look to bring a product or service to market.


Once you have cleared and registered you Intellectual Property or other brand assets your active monitoring and management is vital. The process of monitoring your Intellectual Property will allow you to enforce your rights and avoid commercial exploitation in the form of counterfeiting, infringement or diversion.


Enforcement of your Intellectual Property once you have registrations is required when counterfeiting and infringement is rampant and there is a need to litigate in order to customer confusion, brand erosion and safety concerns.