Santoni Investigations Announces Donation to Casa Teresa

At this time of year we reflect on the successes and failures of the previous year as we spend time with family and loved ones. We make every effort to make the holiday season joyous for our families, especially young children in our lives. We exchange gifts and the joy and happiness that is shared is unparelled. The looks on the faces of the young children are priceless and the memories last a lifetime.

Imagine being a pregnant woman in your late teens or early twenties. You have been abused; you are hungry and lonely without family or friends to celebrate the holidays with. Can you imagine bringing a baby into that kind world?

Casa Teresa is an organization that takes in young women on a regular basis that have nowhere to turn. These young women have often been abused, are addicted to drugs and alcohol and have been in an out of jail. On top of that they are pregnant and don’t have the tools or resources to prepare themselves for bringing a new baby into this world.

The gifts that Casa Teresa provides are priceless and the people that work at and donate to this organization are impacting the lives of young women and their children.

The young mothers to be are provided with top-notch counseling, they learn life-skills, have an opportunity to complete their high school education and are given the opportunity to pursue college. As they move from the parenting house to the other residences that Casa Teresa offers as young mothers get on their feet and take responsibility for their lives. They are also able to build a network of friends that they can rely on and trust.

Santoni Investigations is proud to support an organization that makes a difference in the lives of young women. Their commitment to serve and teach is remarkable.

To see a moving story about how Casa Teresa makes a difference in the lives of young women

For more information about Casa Teresa, Contact:

Lyrissa Roman
Development Coordinator
[email protected]
714-538-4860 ext. 28