Re-screening Employees and Volunteers




Do you have a process in place to screen new applicants before they begin working or volunteering for your company? Many companies are now implementing the process of performing pre-employment background checks as a way to mitigate risk in their business. However, one thing they fail to do is re-screen down the road with follow-up background checks on their employees, board members and volunteers on a regular basis. Many times an applicant is clear of any criminal issues or other background related information at the time of joining an organization. Unfortunately, this does not mean that they will never commit a crime that could impact your business, your customers and your insurance.

Conducting follow-up background checks on existing employees on a regular basis is an easy process to implement.  As a result, you will have actual current information to help mitigate risk, contain insurance costs and limit exposure to other risks in your business. Criminal activity, loss of a professional license and health care sanctions are just a few things that can and will be uncovered during the rescreening of a current employee.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should have the proper language within your employment agreements and company handbook that specifically states your policy on routine rescreening so you don’t run into any legal issues. Also, we strongly advise that you consult with an HR Professional or Employment Attorney because reviewing your handbook and policies around employment background screening is crucial.

If you need assistance with general background check compliance or having a rescreening program put into action, please feel free to contact us, as we partner with firms that will do a complimentary assessment.