Some people are very concerned about having a pre-employment background check run on them after they have become a victim of identity theft.  The concern is that records that do not pertain to them will be revealed and impact their ability to secure employment. I want to dispel some myths and provide some tips if you find yourself in this situation.

It is important to understand that criminal records are searched based on name and date of birth, not social security number.  This means in order for criminal records to show up that pertain to the person that stole your identity, they would have to use your name and date of birth at the time of arrest, which isn’t likely.

If you are a victim of identity theft and you notify the credit bureaus, your credit report will be flagged.  When a credit check is completed for employment purposes the background screener will see that your credit profile has been flagged due to potential identity theft.

Here are some other important points to consider…

  • There have been numerous states that have adopted strict rules about the types of employees that can have a credit report pulled as part of a pre-employment background check. Due to this change many employers are not running credit reports as often as they used to.
  • In order to be in compliance with state and federal rules, any credit reports run by a background screener for employment purposes should not include a credit score.
  • Credit reports or employment purposes are now cleansed of…
    • bankruptcies
    • judgments
    • liens

If you are a victim of identity theft and you are going through a pre-employment background check it would be a good idea to inform the employer and the background screening company of the situation and provide them with documentation from the credit bureaus and/or the courts that detail the situation.

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