Due Diligence Background Checks… Competitive Advantage

Due Diligence Background Checks Competitive Advantage


Our partner I-OnAsia recently posted an article about a success story with regard to Due Diligence Background Checks and one of their clients.  This story illustrates how when you dig deep you can remove obstacles and concerns that can shut-down deals.

James Tunkey, COO of I-OnAsia shared this story…  

I’m pleased to announce that earlier this year one of our clients acquired a multi-billion dollar portfolio of assets, proceeding with a deal that we performed Due Diligence on.

The deal involved an international aspect that our client’s competitors were unable to get comfortable with. But our client saw a potential opportunity: doing the deal might deliver a healthy ROI, and lead to a better stock performance.

We got to work, going beyond Standardized Checks for regulatory compliance. Deep Dive Diligence looked at the backgrounds and reputations of key individuals and entities, and the drivers for potential future success. The result was an authoritative report submitted to the Board that explained away misconceptions, identified upside opportunity,  and repriced the risk.  

The massive acquisition has been very well received in the marketplace.  Not every deal involving foreign entities is always right to do. But not every deal should be shied away from either.