Trademark Investigations

Trademark Use Investigations

In-Use | Non-Use | Abandonment | Infringement

  • Determine Date of First Use In Commerce
  • Scope of Use
  • Evidence of Abandonment – Non-Use
  • Channels of Trade – Distribution
  • Subject Company Profile & Location
  • Obtain Product Samples (Evidentiary Purchase / Undercover Buy)
  • Identify Potential Trademark Infringement
  • Site Inspections / Compliance Checks (Photos & Discreet Interviews)

Customized reports to meet the specific needs of your case.  Verified information on trademark usage.  Beyond databases searches and Internet queries our investigators make contact with sources.

Clients typically contact us after they have received run a Trademark Search and before they send out a Cease & Desist Letter.

Verify compliance with trademark usage agreements and licensing.