Social Security Number (SSN) Trace

Social Security Number (SSN) Trace

The Social Security Number trace provides valuable insight at the onset of a pre-employment background check.

The SSN trace involves running the applicants provided social security number through the credit bureaus to obtain the following information;

  • Whether or not the SSN is valid and date of issue and state
  • Names/Aliases associated with the social security number
  • Address history (tells you where to look for criminal records)
  • The SSN is being used/reported by multiple people

The social security number (SSN) trace should be the first component of your employment background screening package.  The SSN trace is often run in conjunction with a National Criminal search to insure that all names/aliases uncovered are searched.

IMPORTANT:  The Social Security Number (SSN) trace will tell you if the social security number provided appears on the SSN Master Death Index (the SSN belongs to someone who is deceased) or appears to be false (name provided doesn’t match on the name the SSN was issued to. However this search not a way to verify identity, nor does it guarantee that the eVerify and Form I-9 process will complete without any issues.

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