4 Online Investigations Tools – Internet Investigations Tools

4 Online Investigations Tools – Internet Investigations Tools

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1) Domain Tools

WHOIS information or domain ownership information is like property ownership records for domain names.

The paid version is great for obtaining historical domain ownership records which allows you to see who owned a domain name before it was privatized. It also give you chain of ownership like a title report on a house.

We use this tools when we need to locate the owners of privatized domain names who are potentially infringing on our client’s trademarks and we also use it when we need to contact owners of domain names that our clients are looking to acquire.

2) TOR Browser

Is a FREE browser that works on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. The Tor browser protects your identity and location by bouncing your communications around a distributed network around the world. This tools is great if you are making undercover buys or inspecting your competitors websites and you don’t want to leave a trace.

One drawback is that because the traffic is being bounced around the world your connection can seem a bit slower at certain times of the day and night.

3) Archive.org / WayBack Machine

Historical pages on a website.
Products, services and company information
Cached sites on the WayBack machine can be navigated.

4) Open Source Intelligence (OSInt) Qwarie

This free tool has numerous searches for Open Source Intelligence information namely social media. The one tool from Qwarie that we want to highlight on this video is the Facebook content lookup tool.

First off you need to locate the Facebook ID of the profile you are looking to research. This can be done by copying the URL of the Facebook profile from Facebook.com and pasting it into Lookup-ID.com. Once you have the Facebook ID you can paste it into the the Qwarie Facebook search.

This tools is great for locating photos and videos that were taken down by your subject but are still on their friends or families pages or were commented on by friends. This tools is also very useful in showing links between two people on Facebook.

This tools it the closest thing there is to finding “deleted” Facebook photos and content.