Is your Investigation Firm local, regional, national or global?

Why do you need an investigation firm with global resources?  Why is it important?

When it comes to hiring local counsel an attorney that is located in the state or district where the case will be filed is vital.

When it comes to hiring an investigator you need a trusted partner that understands your business, litigation strategy and has resources galore.  This means you need a firm with team comprised of the following components:

  • 1-Trusted professional investigators with a range of skill sets
  • 2-Current technology (case tracking systems, front companies, blind lines, cameras, digital forensics, access to several commercial databases, TCSM equipment, etc.)
  • 3-Trusted partners in all areas of the globe who have relationships with attorneys and law enforcement


We recently had a client come to us with a request for an investigation into a subject that was allegedly selling “counterfeit and/or infringing” goods that was based in the Los Angeles area.  The client said they came to us because they knew that we had resources in Los Angeles.  When we launched into the investigation we quickly determined that the subject appeared to be based in Los Angeles, but was physically located in New York.

We went ahead and made a test purchase / evidentiary buy from the target via one of our California fronts to give your client jurisdiction.  We then engaged with the subject via one of our resources on the ground in New York to gain further intelligence and link the subject to a physical location in New York.  We were able to develop information regarding the true identity of the person behind the operation, the location of their “businesses,” general asset information and background information that aided our client in making a decision as to how and where they would enforce their Intellectual Property rights.

NOTE: In this case we were also able to connect with local law enforcement (New York & New Jersey) and share with them our investigative findings so that criminal investigation/prosecution could take place.

Facts & Myths about “Local Investigators”


  • Local investigators are more cost effective and will enhance the results or outcome of the case.
  • They have reliable resources outside of their general area.
  • They can get the case completed more quickly, while getting the desired results.
  • They have handled cases that have withstood the rigors of litigation.
  • They can meet all the needs of your company or practice no matter the type of case or location of the subject(s) to be investigated.
  • Facts:

    The most important quality about an investigation firm is their ability to listen and follow direction; not where they are located.  An investigation firm that is experienced in a variety of areas or has expertise in a niche is far more likely to get your case completed properly the first time, which saves time and money while getting you the results you desire.

    A trusted investigator will have resources around the globe as we are in a global economy and businesses are doing business in all corners of the globe.  If they don’t have global resources then they likely haven’t worked with global companies and haven’t had to investigate anyone or anything outside of their area.

    Businesses are hiring, partnering and acquiring companies from all over the world; thus intelligence on those people and businesses must be in attainable by your investigator.

    Having all investigations handled by one firm allows your team or staff to be more focused on their duties rather than tracking down, vetting and engaging new investigators on a regular basis.

    A full service investigation firm with global resources has worked with businesses and attorneys in a variety of situations involving litigation and understands the rules of evidence and how to obtain information and evidence that can stand-up in court.