4 Things an Investigative Report Should Never Be!

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can simply run with data from one, or worse, an unsubstantiated source. Good journalists know to verify their facts with multiple sources and so do skilled and competent investigators.

Which is why Santoni Investigations has compiled the following list of commonly used resources that many employers rely on, yet may get a false sense of security. These four investigative sources, if taken solely as verification of facts, may lead to trouble ahead.

Don’t Just Rely on These 4 Investigative Techniques:

1)   Database reports from a single commercial provider printed out or copied to a word document.

2)   Emails with a couple of unverified facts.

3)   A couple of database searches with the important information highlighted, underlined or starred.

4)   A single source database search with no indication of context of search and evidence of verified information.

Contact Santoni Investigations for a comprehensive investigative report that relies on multiple, verifiable sources.

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