Would you gamble on your next case?

As your trial date approaches you begin to review the evidence.  Deposition transcripts are carefully picked apart and the credibility of witnesses is weighed.  The legal aspects of the case are discussed with the client and the strategic elements of the case are laid out.  All parties involved are looking at best and worst case scenarios.

When it comes to selecting your trial team do you consider the history of the team?  Do you consider the track record of the team?  Has your team been involved in a trial before? Have they been been successful in previous trials?  How do you go about picking your team to insure the best possible results for your client?

One thing to keep in mind that under the extreme pressures of litigation those that have been there before know what to expect and will be considerably more comfortable and relaxed when the trial gets underway.


If you have been through litigation before and understand the stress, complexities and uncertainty you know what to expect.

When you pick your team of paralegals, investigators, experts and consultants as you contemplate and or engage in litigation it makes sense to pick a team that has been there before and won’t be overwhelmed with the nuances and stress of litigation.

At Santoni we have been supporting clients in all areas of litigation in a variety of settings for over 35 years. We have worked on and have testified in cases before the following courts

When you talk with your trial team don’t be afraid to ask questions that will help you determine if their experience and results will help or hinder you and your client in the event that the case goes to trial.  Specifically ask which courts they have testified in, what type of reports/declarations have they drafted to support motions and or seizures/court orders.