DomainSkate Features IP Investigation Expert Tim Santoni in their Newsletter

Tim Santoni

I was introduced to David Mitnick, President of DomainSkate several months ago.  Prior to meeting David our firm had worked on several IP Investigations for his former firm, Amster Rothstein, in New York.

After meeting David and using and testing his brand protection and monitoring technology, DomainSkate, I was pleasantly surprised.  This is the first piece of technology that I have found to be useful to  businesses, small and large, to give them useful information about their brand name and domain names.  First, it will tell a business or brand how their name and likeness is being used or not used online and secondly what domains are out there that are similar to theirs and who owns them.

DomainSkate is also useful to IP attorney and investigators as it provides access to information they can use to actively manage their business.  I talk with business owners every day that are looking for ways to mitigate risk, snap up available and registered  domain names and monitor their brand as the Internet and Domain landscape evolves.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lindsay Goldwert of DomainSkate last week.  She was kind enough to ask me about the IP Investigation business, trends, and what the future holds.  To read the complete article click the link below.

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