Verified Information, When You Need It.


Santoni consistently delivers professional investigations to uncover the information you need to successfully resolve conflicts, gain an edge in litigation and business. We have completed over 50,000 investigations. Our clients rely on us to discreetly and comprehensively investigate matters through the US and the world. The expert investigators, investigative consultants and expert witnesses on our team give our clients the possible resources for their investigative needs.

  • Asset & Liability Investigations / Searches
  • Intellectual Property & Brand Protection
  • Litigation Support
  • Internal / External Theft
  • Surveillance
  • Interviews & Statements
  • Cyber Crime
  • Compliance Checks & Site Inspections
  • Accident Investigations
  • Competitive Intelligence / Business Intelligence


Knowing where to look and how to properly investigate is why people trust us to get the information they need to make business decisions.


In the information age the ability to review and screen the records found to verify and extract the crucial information is vital.


What you don’t know can hurt you. A proactive approach to risk mitigation is crucial for safeguarding your business.