The use of surveillance as a strategy is something that attorneys, insurance companies, brand owners and businesses are utilizing to develop crucial evidence & information.

Here are some example of how you might utilize surveillance:

  • Insurance Fraud / Workers’ Compensation (Determine employee’s activity level)
  • Premises Liability (Buildings, Offices, Construction Sites)
  • Asset Searches / Judgment Recovery (Employment, Businesses, Banks)
  • Job Site Monitoring (Misstatement of Time/Labor, Materials theft, Accidents)
  • Trade Secrets Theft
  • Non-Compete Violations
  • Competitive Intelligence (Raw Material Shipments, Finished Product, Staffing, Operations)
  • Political Intelligence (Discreet meetings, Alliances, Background)
  • Improper use of company time (FMLA, Workers’ Compensation)
  • Environmental Issues
  • Auto Accidents (Cross-walks, Lighting, Traffic Light Timing)
  • Threat Detection / Mitigation
  • Improper use of residential or commercial property
  • Trademark Infringement / Counterfeiting

In order to obtain the information and evidence that you need engage with a licensed and experienced private investigator who conducts surveillance on regular basis.  A trusted investigator will maintain current equipment, utilize a discreet surveillance vehicle and be able to conduct the surveillance investigation without being made or burned.  We also suggest that any invoices, reports, case notes or communications regarding your surveillance investigations should be directed toward your attorney to keep the information privileged and confidential.