Best Password Management App

Best Password Management App

Password management is a daily struggle for most of you.  We must have online profiles to access and view information on websites in the digital age.  Online banking, Social Media, Utilities, School and the list goes on and on.  There is no getting around setting up profiles with unique and strong passwords on a daily basis. What is the best password management app?

What can you do proactively to manage your passwords and keep track of them in real time?  There a variety of options…

  • Notepad in your desk drawer and white out
  • Create a contact record for every site you visit and manually update the password every time you change it
  • Force a password reset every time
  • My favorite is the post-it note under the keyboard

None of these options are very effective or safe when it comes to password management.

When I look at a password app to manage my passwords I want something that works on a Windows PC or a Mac and works in multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).  Additionally I want to be sure that the password management app works on my mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, etc.).

My favorite password management app is LastPass and I love it because it works well on all my devices.  My favorite feature is how it detects when I make a change to password on a site and how it auto-updates my LastPass vault.  If I need to lookup a password I just login to my LastPass account and I can get it quickly.  LastPass also let’s me create multiple profiles on the same website which is great if you manage social media accounts for multiple profiles or if you have different profiles for your online banking at the same bank.

Here is short video on Password Management and my favorite password management app.