Rescreening Policy for Background ChecksRescreening Policy for Background Checks

Conducting background checks on employees is something that is very common.  Most employers have defined processes and procedures around screening potential employees and their extended workforce, but don’t often have a rescreening policy for background checks in place.  A rescreening policy is something that should be implemented for a variety of reasons.

What we find is that many employers don’t have a policy or practice around rescreening employees after a certain amount of time on the job. They often are forced to conduct rescreen type background checks when compliance, insurance and customers force them to.

Here are a few reasons and scenarios where having rescreening program in place can be important;

  • A client or customer makes background screening a requirement for you and your employees to continuing working with them or their employees.
  • An employee is being promoted and you realize they were initially hired via a staffing company and they never had a proper employment background check conducted.
  • Your business is being audited by a governmental agency and they determine that employees with long careers at your company were never background checked or you can’t get access to old background check reports to prove they were screened.
  • You would like to implement real time criminal monitoring because your industry (Healthcare, Finance, Education, Construction) requires it.
  • You need to hire an employee for a crucial position before their background check can be completed.
  • A criminal case with pending charges was uncovered but wasn’t reportable at the time of hiring and since the applicant became an employee, they were convicted of a serious crime that you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

If you need assistance putting together a policy for rescreening in your business, we would be happy to provide a sample policy or connect you with an HR Professional who can assist.

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