Consider Your Sources

Consider Your Sources

As you consider your SOURCES for employment background screening services an experienced partner that is looking out for you and your applicants is a must. Your partner should understand your business, risk tolerances, and compliance requirements. They should also have a team of FCRA certified screening consultants and understand adjudication and screening compliance at the State and Federal (FCRA) level.  You do not want to create unneeded liability and risk by not following best practices in your employment screening process.

As you review your employment background screening partners here are a few things to keep in mind.


One size does not fit all. Set up customized background screening packages to meet specific risks associated with the positions for which you hire., compliance requirements, and insurance. There should be NO ADDITIONAL fees to set up five (5) separate packages.  This will save you time and money on each background check because you will be running the appropriate searches.


If you want to speed up the background screening process look to embrace technology.  Partnering with a background screening partner that utilizes an electronic application that can be deployed via email or text will drastically decrease turnaround time.  It will also save you time because you won’t need to enter data or email/fax authorization forms. By embracing technology you will also be limiting exposure to liability due to privacy and compliance issues associated with maintaining and destroying documents that contain personally-identifying information.


Batch ordering involves transmitting spreadsheets with applicant/employee names and email addresses for the rapid deployment of background screening authorizations. This can be extremely useful if you need to rescreen a large group of employees or a segment of employees, drivers for instance. This service can also be useful if you are doing an acquisition and need to onboard and screen several hundred employees at one time. Ask your background screening partner if they can accept batch orders as it will save you a great deal of time.


Data retention is a big issue as it relates to CRA’s and the background screening process.  Ask your background screening company, commonly referred to as a CRA what their retention policy is on reports and supporting documents. You want to be sure that they are maintaining reports and supplemental documentation for the proper amount of time as this can have an impact on potential litigation and risk exposure. The software platform they are using plays a big part in data retention, maintenance, and protection.


The applicant experience is really important.  The background screening process will be one of the first interactions that your new hires will have with your company. Your background screening partner is an extension of your business and reflects on you and your company.  Make sure you understand what the applicant experience will look like. What does the application look like? How long does it take? How are your applicants being supported both online and via phone? Can the authorization and disclosure process be completed on a mobile phone?


Ask your employment background screening partner about ways to automate the rescreening process.  Rescreening can be done at regular intervals assuming you have the proper policies in place.  Rescreening allows you to continually keep tabs on existing employees.  At a minimum you should be monitoring or rescreening employees that drive in any capacity. The DMV “Pull” program is also a great option if you have ten (10) or more employees driving.


If you are in a compliant industry where criminal matters can impact licensing, insurance, and compliance then criminal monitoring is a great way to be notified in real-time if you have an employee arrested for criminal activity.  Industries, where criminal monitoring is vital, are;

Education (Public & Private)


If you are currently conducting substance abuse screening as part of your employment screening process, are they an integrated part of the ordering process in conjunction with the background check?  If not look to discuss integrations that allow you to order and deploy the background check and substance abuse screening at the same time through one provider. Integrated partners will make this process easier to track and monitor for you and the applicant. Partner with a company that has a national reach to consolidate the whole process.