Domain Name Acquisitions

Anonymous Acquisitions Of Intellectual Property

Domain Names, Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights & Social Media Accounts; Intellectual Property assets play a key role in the growth and branding of a company.

When The Domain Name You Want Is Taken, What Can You Do?

Anonymous domain name acquisitions can be conducted to protect and enhance your company’s image online. Your website domain name must consistently represent your brand. With so much online fraud and scams, your customers need to quickly identify that they are dealing with your business before sourcing information or making purchases.

Our Process Saves You Time And Money

  • Identify and locate contact information the owner of the domain name
  • Negotiate anonymously on your behalf
  • Utilize a third-party escrow account to safeguard the transaction
  • Obtain control of the domain name
  • Transfer the domain name to your preferred registrar in accordance with ICANN regulations

Are Squatters, Parkers And Phishers Jeopardizing Your Business?

We can help you locate the owner of a domain anonymously. Then we can negotiate, acquire, transfer and register a domain name on your behalf.

In some cases, the domain name is held by cyber-squatters and brokers looking to sell the name, sometimes at a very high costs. We look for ways to successfully secure your desired domain name while reducing your cost of acquisition.

We have relationships with registrars throughout the world and can assist with everything from Top Level Domains (TLD’s) to Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD’s) and Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).