Computer Forensics

Collect | Analyze | Report

When Would You Need Computer Forensics?

  • IP Theft; (Trade Secrets, Client Lists, Proprietary Information)
  • Civil Litigation
  • Information Security and Incident Response
  • Employee Monitoring (Email & Internet use in the workplace)
  • Cyber Crimes; Spoofing, Hacking, Phishing
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Family Law / Dissolution of Marriage

Software | Evidence | Admissibility

Electronically stored data needs to be handled carefully to insure admissibility in court. Our computer forensics investigators utilize the latest software, technology and techniques to successfully preserve, search and uncover the crucial electronically stored information (ESI) that can make or break your case.

Digital Evidence: It’s Everywhere

The challenge with regard to locating and gathering electronically stored information (ESI) is that we are creating on all of our devices all day every day. The first step in a digital investigation is to create a map of where all of the possible electronically stored information could or would be created. Then you must determine how and if you can gain access to those devices in a lawful and/or discreet way to extract the information you need to conduct your searches.
  • Cell Phones (iPhones & Androids)
  • Tablets (iPad, Surface, Samsung)
  • Home Computers & Laptops
  • USB Flash Drives & External Hard Drives
  • Smart Watches


Exact, sector by sector, copy of electronically stored information (ESI) created using industry grade software that can be presented in court and used as evidence.


Process by which keywords are searched to determine what searches, documents and emails are on the targets drive, and possibly external storage devices.


Reviewing evidence or testifying in cases on your behalf as an expert witness where electronically stored evidence is being presented or contested.