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Business Development for Private Investigators: What Works & What Doesn’t

The following article by Santoni President/CEO Tim Santoni was published in Pursuit Magazine  – October 24, 2019 At the low point of the last economic downturn, I was stuck in a terrible slump. I needed to bring in more clients, but I didn’t know where to begin. The thought of cold calling people sounded awful […]

Tim Santoni of Santoni Investigations

Does Your Intellectual Property Investigator Need to Know Trademark Law?

In a Trademark Law case it is critical that attorneys uncover and present relevant and actionable evidence and information. Does the investigator that you and your firm works with need to understand Trademark Law? Do they need to understand the standards of evidence? Do they need to know about attorney work product privilege? The answer […]

Re-screening Employees and Volunteers

      Do you have a process in place to screen new applicants before they begin working or volunteering for your company? Many companies are now implementing the process of performing pre-employment background checks as a way to mitigate risk in their business. However, one thing they fail to do is re-screen down the […]

Sales Executive Ben Gomez joins Santoni

Sales Executive Ben Gomez joins Santoni

Lake Forest, CA – Santoni is focused on growing their Employment Background Screening division and is moving towards that goal with the recent hire of Sales Executive, Ben Gomez. Gomez has extensive experience selling services to Human Resources professionals and businesses. Gomez has previously worked for Paychex Financial Services where he was an Outside Sales […]

SEPARATING OR DIVORCING? 8 Things You Can to Secure Your Technology for Peace of Mind

SEPARATING OR DIVORCING? 8 Things You Can Do to Secure Your Technology for Peace of Mind

Are you newly separated or currently going through a separation or divorce?  Our checklist will help you take control of your documents, home and your technology to avoid tracking and snooping by your Ex. 1. Ditch your phone. Move your phone to a separate account that only you control 2. Check your kids’ Phones & Tablets. If your […]