Worldwide Study Reveals the Need for Professional Infidelity Surveillance

Infidelity Surveillance

Two studies by Condom manufacturer Durex, The Sexual Wellbeing Survey and Face of Global Sex study, which were overseen by Harris Interactive, provide fascinating facts and figures about sexuality and infidelity all over the world.  For both studies, the condom manufacturer conducted interviews with over 29,000 people in 36 countries. Although the survey covered a wide variety of issues concerning sexuality, the results for questions relating to infidelity are the most eye-opening.

Of the 36 countries surveyed, Nigeria ranked the highest for both male and female cheating. The United States was not far behind, at eighth of 36. The survey found that 10 to 15{2f3748b5ca5ab0ef62f1154c571df9c56b0d52fa28ba96fa4f869e5919b9e929} of American women and 20 to 25{2f3748b5ca5ab0ef62f1154c571df9c56b0d52fa28ba96fa4f869e5919b9e929} of American men are unfaithful at least once in their lives. Other studies, conducted in the United States from 1980 through the mid-2000’s report similar findings: about 25{2f3748b5ca5ab0ef62f1154c571df9c56b0d52fa28ba96fa4f869e5919b9e929} of Americans in committed relationships report that they have cheated.

Many observers believe that the advent of the Internet and the expansion of new means of communication like texting have led to an increase in infidelity, by making it easier to conduct secret conversations. But the same is true about new equipment and infidelity surveillance: an ever-expanding array of new technologies make it easier for professionals to discreetly ascertain whether a partner is being unfaithful and if so, whether he or she is also hiding assets.

Though many who suspect an affair begin by downloading various apps that provide information about a spouse’s online habits, professional investigators have access to high-end technology plus expertise in professional surveillance that those who fear the worst about a partner need. Many of our clients contact us after using some form of at-home surveillance. Their suspicions raised, they turn to professional investigators, who can conduct a thorough inquiry and provide confirmation and hard evidence.

The next major study of sexuality and infidelity around the world is scheduled to be conducted by the end of the decade. It remains to be seen whether infidelity rates will rise and, if so, how technology will keep up with increasing unfaithfulness.