If your business is being left unoccupied…your Security Cameras are crucial

Unoccupied Businesses need security camerasIf your business is being left unoccupied…your Security Cameras are crucial

If your business is being left unoccupied or you have reduced work hours then having security cameras to document activities in and around your business is critical.  If you have security cameras in place, you need to take immediate steps to insure they are operational and that they are being backed up.

Due to the fact that many businesses are being forced to close valuable assets are being left unattended.  Your trucks, machinery, equipment, raw materials and finished products are enticing to criminals.

Unfortunately, in these situations fraudsters and criminals look to take advantage of the situation.  If your camera system is operational it is like have a virtual security guard.  Make sure your camera system is working well and that you have turned on notifications so you can be notified if there is activity during specific time periods or in locations where no one should be at all.

You should also contact your neighboring businesses and share this information with them.  If they have a camera system in place, they might have visibility to people and vehicles that are accessing your facility as well.

Be on alert for vehicles that seem to be canvassing the area where your business is located.  This means they are slowly and consistently driving by or parking on a nearby street to gain information about traffic patterns, accessibility, etc.

If you or anyone on your team sense that you are being targeted, you should contact law enforcement.  Document the vehicle make, model and color along with the license plates if possible.

If your security cameras or personnel are able to get a license plate off of a vehicle or truck, there are investigative resources available to determine who owns the vehicle.

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