8 Little Things That Kill Your Employment Screening Process

8 Things that kill your Employment Screening Process8 Little Things That Kill Your Employment Screening Process

In today’s fast paced world when you need top talent to fulfill key roles delays can be an issue.  Your Human Resources Professional or Recruiter finds and interviews a key hire.  Then they initiate the on-boarding process which includes an employment background check.  These 8 things can kill your employment screening process.

Here are the eight (8) things you may be doing that slow down your employment screening process:

  • Not having a background screening company as a partner
  • Non-compliant authorization and disclosure forms (FCRA)
  • Using paper authorization forms
  • Double entry of personal information into multiple systems
  • Conducting excessive searches (verifying employment going back 10 years as an example)
  • Not verifying previous employment, education or credentials/licenses.
  • Not using a screening partner with technology that allows for a quick app to be deployed via email or text
  • Not having that ability to generate; Consumer Copy & Adverse Action notices with a CLICK

Workaround Solutions Take Longer

Many employers are so used to the standard “give-the-applicant-the-form-to-complete” way of onboarding, that we don’t realize what a time waste potential compliance problem we may have. Locating and emailing/faxing authorization forms and disclosures to applicants only to have to try to read illegible handwriting and enter the data into another system can lead to errors and takes a lot of time.  Plus, are you even capturing all of the necessary information to conduct the employment background check?  When this process breaks down, the increased turn-around time not only makes your managers crazy, but may also cost you the candidate.

Start the Process Electronically

By centralizing the accuracy and entry of the candidate’s data with the candidate, the potential for error is greatly diminished and that data can be acted upon as soon as it is entered.  Speed up the process even more by utilizing a screening firm that supports a dual purpose electronic application and background screening form.  An electronic application can be sent via email securely to the applicant to enter their personal information gathering all of the authorizations needed to conduct the background screening.  The applicant will see the professional nature of your business by the seamless process required to get the background check in motion.

Value of a Background Screening Company as a Partner

Human Resource professionals can login any time to track progress, and are updated in real time as each phase of the background screen is completed. And keeping in compliance, this process all but eliminates any non-compliance issues due to out-of-date disclosure forms.

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