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Workers’ Comp Claims…During & After the Coronavirus

Workers’ Comp Claims… During & After the Coronavirus Right now, there are many people that continue to work and expose themselves to the Coronavirus. I am talking about law enforcement, first responders, doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, pharmacists and many other essential services.  What will happen if and when these workers file workers’ compensation claims […]

Court Closures

How are background checks impacted by the court closures?

How are background checks impacted by the court closures? We are really navigating through some uncharted waters.  The court closures that are sweeping across the United States are necessary to protect people from the COVID19 pandemic.  Background checks will be impacted by court closures.  The challenge is that with the courts being closed for hearings, […]

hould you run a Background Check on yourself?

Should you run a Background Check on yourself?

Have you ever considered running a background check on yourself to see what might be out there in terms of court records or other information that could show up as adverse on a pre-employment background check? Many people want to know what a prospective employer will find out about them before they authorize a pre-employment […]

People are the best sources for Private Investigators, not databases

People are the Best Sources for Private Investigators, Not Databases

People are the Best Sources for Private Investigators, Not Databases As a Private Investigator it is crucial to find the right people and ask them the right questions to assist in getting all the facts and insight that needed. Databases will give you plenty of information and necessary records but people give you the whole […]

Pursuit Article by Tim Santoni

Business Development for Private Investigators: What Works & What Doesn’t

The following article by Santoni President/CEO Tim Santoni was published in Pursuit Magazine  – October 24, 2019 At the low point of the last economic downturn, I was stuck in a terrible slump. I needed to bring in more clients, but I didn’t know where to begin. The thought of cold calling people sounded awful […]

How can attorneys use Private Investigators to attract and retain more clients?

What Can Law Firms Do to Attract and Retain More Clients?

The legal landscape is changing.  Attorneys and law firms will have to change their way of thinking to attract and retain clients as online services such as LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, Trademarkia and other legal services companies are actively marketing to and competing with traditional law firms.  Additionally, corporations are closely monitoring their legal spend by […]