Would you gamble on your next case?

As your trial date approaches you begin to review the evidence.  Deposition transcripts are carefully picked apart and the credibility of witnesses is weighed.  The legal aspects of the case are discussed with the client and the strategic elements of the case are laid out.  All parties involved are looking at best and worst case […]

Surveillance…for what?

The use of surveillance as a strategy is something that attorneys, insurance companies, brand owners and businesses are utilizing to develop crucial evidence & information. Here are some example of how you might utilize surveillance: Insurance Fraud / Workers’ Compensation (Determine employee’s activity level) Premises Liability (Buildings, Offices, Construction Sites) Asset Searches / Judgment Recovery […]

Why would You conduct Workplace Investigations?

Workplace Investigations- Why? Workplace violence, sexual harassment, Worker’s Compensation claims, theft (Intellectual Property, Internal, External), discrimination and data breaches can dramatically impact corporate culture and reputation; not to mention revenues. A professional, trained, investigator that is experienced can provide your company and counsel with objective information you need to make crucial business decisions. Workplace investigations […]

Grey Market-Diverted Goods (Parallel Imports)- “What, its not counterfeit?”

In a world where all the buzz is about counterfeit goods; the real question is how many of the suspected counterfeit goods are really “grey market/diverted goods.”  The Alliance for Grey Market and Counterfeit Abatement reports that $40 billion of tech products are sold on the grey market each year. According to Wikipedia a parallel […]

Making Good Hiring Decisions: What Employers Need to Know and Do Before Hiring- Webinar

I was honored to be a guest speaker of Linda Duffy, President/Founder, of Ethos Human Capital Solutions and Marla Merhab Robinson of Merhab Robinson & Jackson yesterday as they tackled many issues surrounding the hiring process.  We covered many of the key issues below.  If you missed the webinar you can listen to the whole […]

Trademark Investigation- What’s That?

Why would an investigator be needed to assist in getting a trademark cleared and registered?  How could an investigator assist in monitoring and identifying commercial exploitation (infringement/counterfeiting)? In the United States the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has the duty of accepting trademark filings and having them reviewed (examined), rendering opinions, handling the […]