We are having difficulty locating and serving someone…can you help?

“We are having difficulty locating and serving a… witness, defendant, debtor, etc.”  This is the type of call that a professional and licensed investigation firm receives several times every day. The first step is to collect and review all of the information that the client has available (Database Searches, Due Diligence by the Process Server, Case […]

4 Ways a Private Investigator Can Support Your Business

Avoid Unwanted Hiring Surprises The success of your business depends on the strength of your people.  When making staffing decisions, a pre-employment background check can provide you with the truth about the candidate.  Criminal convictions and resumes that are inaccurate or exaggerated top the list of items uncovered in the employment background screening process. Extra Diligence […]

8 Reasons Why a C-Suite Executive contacts a Corporate Investigator & Employment Background Screening Firm

CEO’s, CFO’, COO’s, CMO’s often don’t know how they can take advantage of a professional corporate investigation firm with experience handling legal investigations and employment background screening. Discreetly and compliantly obtaining verified information is something that an experienced corporate investigator and employment background screening firm can do for the c-suite executives.  Think of a professional […]

The Basics of Investigative Searches: Going Beyond Westlaw and LexisNexis

We are constantly asked by the do-it-yourselfers and budget-conscious why they should hire a professional investigative firm to conduct their searched. They want to know if the databases we access are different than Westlaw and LexisNexis.  Perspective clients wonder if the information we supply is all that different from what they can find online.  What […]