8 Reasons Why a C-Suite Executive contacts a Corporate Investigator & Employment Background Screening Firm

CEO’s, CFO’, COO’s, CMO’s often don’t know how they can take advantage of a professional corporate investigation firm with experience handling legal investigations and employment background screening. Discreetly and compliantly obtaining verified information is something that an experienced corporate investigator and employment background screening firm can do for the c-suite executives.  Think of a professional […]

The Basics of Investigative Searches: Going Beyond Westlaw and LexisNexis

We are constantly asked by the do-it-yourselfers and budget-conscious why they should hire a professional investigative firm to conduct their searched. They want to know if the databases we access are different than Westlaw and LexisNexis.  Perspective clients wonder if the information we supply is all that different from what they can find online.  What […]

Trademark Nonuse/In Use Investigations- USA v. China

Trademark protection had long afforded American companies a competitive marketplace with a fair playing field. All that can change as you begin to operate your business internationally.  To get the basics, visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office to orient yourself on what you need to know to get started on protecting your intellectual […]

Getting the Legal System to Work for You When it Comes to IP Enforcement

Pursue a civil or criminal remedy depending on the nature of the product being counterfeited.  Typically products that can put the public’s well-being in danger (pharmaceuticals, food, tobacco, medical devices, auto parts, airplane parts) grab the attention of the District Attorneys, U.S. Attorneys & Law Enforcement Agencies (FBI, DEA, ICE). In most cases, law enforcement […]