Workers’ Compensation Claims

Our rapid response team supports insurance carriers, TPA’s, self-insureds and attorneys when precious evidence needs to be preserved and protected following an accident. Accident investigations often require photographs, videos and interviews of key witnesses in order to determine liability and potential subrogation. In order to properly investigate accidents (Auto Accidents, Slip & Fall, Equipment/Product Malfunctions, Violence) interviews of the injured worker (claimant) and the co-workers should be done to obtain all of the relevant facts. This type of investigation is often referred to as an A.O.E. / C.O.E. Investigation (Arising Out of Employment / Course of Employment) which is conducted to determine the facts surrounding an alleged injury and if it occurred in the course and scope of employment.

Commercial Auto Accidents

Our investigative consultants support clients in obtaining reports from law enforcement (Police, Sheriff, CHP). Determining and or verifying ownership of the vehicles involved in the accident is also a crucial part of the initial investigation.

Insurance Claims & Fraud

Insurance claims often end up in litigation.  At this point a thorough background investigation and social media search should be conducted on the plaintiff/claimant to determine if there are any non-industrial events that could have caused the injury.  Additionally an Activity Check or Surveillance/Subrosa can be conducted on the plaintiff/claimant to obtained video recorded evidence of the activities he or she is able to do or not do.