Month: January 2013

Why would you hire an investigation firm to, anonymously, acquire a domain name?

Privatized registration domain registration Can’t locate or communicate the owner of the domain name. Don’t how to value a particular domain Can’t anonymously negotiate and acquire the domain name Don’t know the technical process No refined negotiation process Mitigate Cost Prior efforts to acquire a domain name via UDRP or WIPO action have failed Your […]

Competitive Intelligence- What is it? How do I get it? Can I get it discreetly?

What is competitive intelligence? Product pricing, packaging, designs, materials, fabrics, distribution network, scope of sales, customers? Generally speaking is it insight into the scope and strength of your competitors? It is the stuff that they are doing or not doing that you are dying to know about. Entrepreneurs are innovative, creative and talented people that […]

5 Signs of Fraud in Your Business

Four Ways to Keep Your Accounts Secure

Passwords: *Change your passwords regularly *Vary your passwords for different websites *Create a password that is strong (letters, numbers, special characters) Go Paperless: *This will protect your private billing information *If you don’t shred all mail Get Alerts: *Sign-up for alerts on all accounts *Early notice of fraud will save you time and money Be […]